23 August, 2011

[Fashion] New season wish list 1

It's kind of my 1st wish list for the next Autumn 2011
I just grab some images from the internet
and thinking how can I match with things I already have.

This is for everyday look.
Nana's cardi, color maxi skirt, chelsea boots
simple chunky knit with cropped chino and brogue
Big boxy stripe T-shirt and black leggings and the UGG
(from Topshop, Asos, Zara ugg)

With those outfit I will have very comfy but still stylish Autumn!

styling plan!

21 August, 2011

[cooking] My Summer Blunches

Starting a day with all colour salad make me happier.
These are healthy and yummy brunches I made during summer.


Blueberry, tomato, egg with lemon and mustard seed dressing

Pastry Sausage, Macaroni salad, and Mozzarella salad

Avocado + Plum tomato + Mozzarella cheese
+ extra virgin olive oil&balsamic vinegar dressing

Macaroni + sweet corn + sweet pepper + honey roasted ham
mix with mayo and little bit of black pepper

Ham&cheese omlet with Toast, chicken salad with honey mustard dressing
Mango ice tea and ice cafe latte.

20 August, 2011

The Icecreamist @ Covent Garden

I went to the Icecreamist at Covent Garden.

I had the ice cream from there before and couldn't forget of that!! 
It was the best in London.
 (Personally, I think Gelato in Italy is the best!!!) 
So I went back for my pleasure.

The shop was dark and busy.
 It seems like you can seat on up stair
 for more exciting icecream recipes.

 I waited about 10 min and be served by very friendly guy.

I picked berries, caramel and chocolate.
2 scoops on a corn was about £3 
and 3 scoops on a plastic cup was £5.10
It is bit expensive. However it worth it!! 

Berries : little bit sour(kind of freshness sour)
Caramel : Normal caramel flavor but not too sweet.
 I felt it's bit blend though.
Chocolate : Thick rich chocolate. 
                   Not too sweet. It was good level of sweet chocolate for me. 


All the flavors are so rich and fresh.
 I really enjoyed them. 
My favorites are Berries and Hazelnut(I had it before)!