04 September, 2011

[Craft] My first crochet.

Recently I started crochet. 

inspired me.

Her works were amazing. 
I loved those color mix and hand made feelings.

These are my first works.
Bought cream acrylic yarn from JL
and watched several YouTube to learn how to do.

If you learn single crochet, double crochet, and making chain
you can make simple Granny square and doilies.
Like I did!!

And I ordered some colorful yarns from ebay.
I made an order on Thursday and got the parcel on Sat!!
It was very fast.

The yarns I got are very good clean color and 100% cotton
seller said it's suitable for 2-2.5mm crochet needle 
but I only have 3.5mm one and the tube is suspended in my area
I'll use just that. :D

10 Pretty color yarns!!

Made simple motif with 4 colors!!
- Also learn from YouTube :) 

I will make 25 of this circle motif
and stitching together with light pink yarn.
It'll be using as my Nespresso coffee machine pad.

I think it'll take about 2 weeks though....

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